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When going places, a bag without a luggage tag is just boring. Luggage tags are great accessories to add flair and design to your bags especially when travelling. With custom luggage tags, you will have ones that are unique and personally your own. Or you can match a design with a loved one and the two of you will be the only ones in the world to have that design. Custom luggage tags are great gifts too! 

Here in Lanesha, we offer custom luggage tags made out of durable plastic with a size of 4 inches x 2-3/4 inches with 20 colors to choose from. Your custom luggage tag also includes a plastic strap. You can personally design your luggage tag and add images, text, numbers, et cetera to it. With this, you no longer have to worry that you might lose your luggage or that you will have the same luggage tag design with anyone else.

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Luggage Bag Tag Start Design
One Size  |   20 Colors
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