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Custom face masks - Design your own face mask online

A face mask is undoubtedly one of the essential protective gears against the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken its roots across the globe. While the World Health Organization recommends a specific type of face mask, especially for health care front workers. You can also get yourself an ordinary mask for the same course. So if you need to showcase your creativity in a new custom face mask, you can create your own face-covering designs with the help of our free online design tool.


These custom face masks in dozens of patterns where you can choose from to fit your style. Our online mask maker will aid you in customizing your design and fashioned-forward mask right from name brands to covering with the homemade touch. We use soft fabrics made out of different materials to meet your need as we have multiple options when it comes to creating a premade, non-medical face mask.


For several months now, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been advising people to wear a face mask and cloth covering purposely to mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus Diseases (Covid-19 Pandemic). As a part of the responsible team, we have not only developed a way to help you find a quality face mask but also have a customized design of your wish. The unprecedented disease is on the rise, and we are all not sure when will it disappear in our midst. However, the ball is on our court, and our effort to mitigate should be our priority for now. Take action now by getting yourself these customize face masks and be part of the responsible persons as the businesses and cities continue to reopen.


Check out the reason why creating a personalized face mask using our online tool is easy and important for you.


Vibrant print designs: All our face covering are created using the mask creator tool online to ensure your design come out flawless. You can do it yourself or request for assistance according to your preference.


Washable and reusable fabrics: All our printed facial covering are made from high-quality materials as well as industry-leading machines to give your design a seamless look for a long time.


No order minimums: All our face masks are printed on-demand without limitation. So you can order as few or as you would like.


Easy-to-use online design tool: The power to design is on your hands, as you can create patterns, background, and more using our font and clip-art collection. You can also upload and adjust one of your own using existing designs.


So if you are looking for an extra unique custom branded face mask, we are here to help. The best thing about our services is that you are an architect of your desired mask, meaning you can choose and design your own face mask online and leave the rest to us. Remember also you can choose an unbranded mask if you wish. Can’t wait to see a text, picture, or logo right your mask? Well, don’t hesitate to check out of our full selection of face masks on our web page - design your own custom masks now.



Best Websites to Design Your Custom Face Masks


Instead of sticking to the boring plain colored face masks used by medical personnel, you can design your custom face mask online. If you are thinking of personalizing your face mask, this is an opportunity to get creative.

In this article, you will discover some of the best websites to design your custom face mask.

This website provides you with software to help design your face mask to your taste. It also enables you to use different custom texts, monograms, clipart, and images, leaving you with beautiful results.


Some of the tools available on their online product customizer include:


  • Color & pattern variation: This helps you to create the right tone and texture for the patterns you intend to use.


  • Dynamic Text Input: This will help you to create customized and more artistic texts.


  • Custom Picture Upload: This tool will help you upload a preferred image


  • Font & Style Variation: It helps you choose from a variety of fonts and styles or a blend of styles.


  • Size & Model: This tool provides templates for the creation of your custom face masks.

Material Variation: This tool will help assign different images for the different options the face mask can pick from; you can adjust prices based on the options your customer chooses.

Here is another website that enables you to choose from a variety of face mask designs. They range from camp to cat faces, pictures, floral patterns to feather prints, to short sweet messages.

This site has a builder tool. You can put your name on any of the pre-made designs by adding a text box in the builder tool on the site.

There are a collection of embellishments that will help you further make your face mask more personal.

Some of the tools available for you to use on this website include:


  • Designer-builder tool: You'd find it on the left-hand side of the site. This is where you would find something iconic and beautiful to add as you design. 


  •  2-pack of carbon filter inserts and a pair of silicone adjusters: You will find it easy to adjust the length of your custom mask's earloop with this tool.


  • Design Templates: You are free to choose from different templates to design your face masks.

This online design tool is easy to use. You can design in bulk ahead of your virtual catch-ups, bachelorette parties, city trips, costume parties, church groups, camp meetings, and so on.

This site helps you create masks with hilarious expressions, smiles, and scowls, coupled with whatever color you want for your custom face mask.

Uniform masks will leave those memories unforgettable in your group photos. Your masks will be awesome, right from the screen to your doorstep.

Here are some helpful tools available for your design on this website:


  • Zoom: This will help you have a close focus on the designs you intend to put on your face mask.


  • Text: There are text styles available. This tool will allow you to change fonts, space your letters, edit your text, outline your text and choose the desired shape for your text design.

Art designs: There are a variety of multilayered design templates which you can customize to your taste. This tool allows you to access art layers to the design ideas already available on the site, alongside uploaded images and text layers. As long as you have an account with the site, you have easy access to your designs.

This is an online design studio that will help you in designing your custom face mask. Here, you get to select the color of the mask you prefer. It also helps you upload or create custom logos. also gives you the option of passing your own message to the world on your mask. Whether you want to promote your brand or desire a photo, you could easily do that by uploading by selecting your own design. You are also not limited in the choice of the mask material as you can choose from masks made from cotton, cotton with filler, or one with a blend of poly.

Come ready with your quotes, and promotional copies, and you're good to go.


The site is user friendly and all you need to do is to:

  • Pick the mask color you prefer


  • Upload or create 1 of your customized logo


  • Choose the quantity that you want, but it must be a minimum of 25 face masks.


  • Then complete the process of your purchase.

Zazzle is renowned for offering unique customization services for several items. For customized face masks, they have a wide list of options you could choose from. There are masks ideas specifically to suit the age and gender ranges, masks with unique edges, and several patterns.
You would find the right design that suits your events whether it is sports or a wedding or you just want to express your mood.

Get ready to bring your ideas to life with different design elements. On this site, you don't have to design alone. You can also collaborate with friends. All you have to do is click on the "Invite Friends" to get started.


Create your custom face mask designs on with their easy-to-use tools:


  • User-friendly templates: They include text elements, illustrations, backgrounds, social media templates and zoom backgrounds.


  • A variety of fonts, image filters, tilling, and masking options to choose from.


  • Sharing options, like built-in video, audio, and chat features- With these, you can broadcast your URL and stream your design to your online audience.




It is also possible to create a uniquely customized mask from this website. With Contrado, yours is to upload the images or raw designs you so desire and then take up the printing. There are four finishes for the mask edges you could choose from.

There is a comprehensive guide on the website for the photo specifications. Starting at a minimum of 2, they also undertake bulk prints. This means you could get your specific designs printed in bulk. This works well if you are looking into gift ideas or you need something unique for your organization.

Masks from Contrado come in elastic fittings of various sizes that are washable and reusable. You can be sure to get eco-friendly handmade masks from this company.



Wearing a face mask does not have to strip you of your personality and fun. Even when everyone is wearing a face mask, you could stand out with a personalized one. Think of customized face masks as a way to send a message of hope in these periods or as a way of talking about your brand.

Making your own facemasks has never been easier than with these websites. Feel free to get creative. 

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