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Cheap custom t shirt printing online

Cheap custom t shirt printing online

In the 19th century, stevedores and miners were conditioned to wearing a sort of T shaped vest that is long enough to be tucked in as underwear for their clothing. It is from this piece of conditioned clothing style that the US Navy adopted the white sleeve undergarment during the Spanish-American war of 1898 to 1913. The mariners and sailors later made it a habit to soil the white undergarment alone after pulling their jacket. Because of its pricing, the T-shirt later became so popular among young boys in the 1900s that even girls started feeling among them.

Since that time, the T-shirt has evolved into a lot of fashionable dressing styles. Before the 2000s, the T-shirt became popular as a farm dress and for doing chores. Later it became a vogue style of dressing that both young and old rarely do without it. More fashionable styles were developed, including the v-neck T-shirt, the long tail T-shirt, and so on.

Nowadays, the evolution of the T-shirt has spiraled and towered far above a lot of clothing styles known to man. It can be argued that the T-shirt is the most commonly worn dress in the world as of the year 2000. Tech nerds and owners of conglomerate businesses make use of the T-shirt.

Since the wave of customization is hitting a man from head to toe, the T-shit got carried on by the wave as well. Screen printed T-shirts became the norm of the society as far back as the 1960s. Huge companies saw it as a way to advertise their products to the many markets of T-shirt users. Screen printed T-shirts were later phased out by digital printings.

Can I print on a T-shirt?

At Lanesha, we offer a wide range of fabrics and T-short types ranging from the short-sleeved to the long-sleeved, and the performance shirts. We help you create your dream T-shirt for a low cost as fast as possible.

What can I print on the T-shirts on

If you have a company,at Lanesha,  you can print the company logo on T-shirts for your employees to wear and even share with their friends and families. If you an individual, we can,  at Lanesha, help print your picture  on the T-shirt you want to wear.  Companies can desing and print just like individuals.

How to print on a custom T-shirt on

Printing on a custom T-shirt on is quite easy. All you need do is to log on to and pick the type of T-shirt you want to customize. The site will be required to select a preferred  color before you start to design. The design page on will help you shape your T-shirt the way you want it. On, you can design your own t shirt with words, logo, art, images, and so on. When you are pleased with your custom T-shirt designed on, you can click on the get price button to select your size and place an order. You can order as many numbers of your designed T-shirt as you wish and Lanesha will ship to you wherever you are on the globe.

What is screen printing in T-shirts?

Simply put, screen printing in T-shirts is an old way, or say traditional way of printing on T-shirts. It involves using a mesh to transfer ink on to the surface of a material while blocking some other parts of the material with stencils to have a design printed on the material. This is usually done when manufacturing T-shirts in large quantities by big manufacturing companies. The production with screen printing is usually better than any other form of printing. It may, although, have grain effects and not as smooth and fast-paced as digital printing. At Lanesha, we offer our customers the service of screen printing T-shirts for them.

What is digital printing in T-shirts at Lanesha?

Digital printing in T-shirts can be likened to the digital printing of and on anything. When it comes to digital printing in T-shirts, this involves using a computer to design whatever shape or pattern to be placed or printed on the T-shirt. The T-shirt printing is then done out based on what has been designed using the computer with better color quality, usually better than the screen printing. This is also done nowadays by the manufacturing industries that produce in batches of millions. We print digitally on your T-shirts at as well.

What is custom printing in T-shirts at

Custom printing in T-shirts is having the buyer of a T-shirt create the design that will be on the T-shirt. The buyer or future owner of a particular T-shirt is allowed to specify  the words of message and or picture to be slammed on the T-shirt he/she will buy before it is printed. Here at Lanesha, we have to see you design your taste and we print to your design.

Which one is better,screen printing or digital printing on

Digital printing is faster and leaves no room for grainy looks while screen printing is slower.The screen printing offers better quality than digital printing because digital printing uses water-based colors. Digital printing offers far more color range than screen printing which offers limited colors from which a buyer can choose. Time of production is also a factor because digitally printed T-shirts are produced faster than the screen printed ones.

Which material is best for printing T-shirts on lanesha?

At, we print on cotton, wool, linen, polyester, silk fabric, and so many other materials.

At, we help you achieve your dream by bringing your idea in front of your clothing or behind your clothing for people to see.

Waste no more time, start your T-shirt design with us today at and let us print you a quality T-shirt. 

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