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Casual woven shirts are found to be as the best chosen attire to depict the traditional culture of a location. When compared to other fabrics, woven shirts and pants cost more price due to labor cost and complexity in making process. Hand woven shirt is one among the best chosen attires by people under all age groups during festive season.

Uniqueness in material and perfect fit option are highlighted as the two main factors of woven fabrics. Price rate of woven shirts vary according to several factors like the quality of material. Ease and comfort of wearer is a main factor checked while deciding his or her attire selection. When compared to other materials, woven fabric assure enhanced comfort to wearer.

Easiness in washing is another advantage of using woven shirts. People can easily use woven shirts for dry cleaning process and pressing as per the need. When compared to other manufacturing process, chance of getting wrinkles in fabric is less in woven shirts. Hence fabric appear rigid and fit to body. Those people in search of a traditional attire as both daily wear and festive wear can use casual woven shirts.

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