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Custom hat maker - Design your own custom embroidered hats

Hats have always been a part of fashion without which dressing is incomplete, long before now. There was a time when hats went dark in the dressing culture but it has since seen the light of the day again.

Before now, people buy hats manufactured and sold, but nowadays, everyone prefers a custom hat maker.

There are always questions arising in the mind about who is a good  hat maker you can buy from, why would you even buy a custom cap, how do you make a hat, how much it costs to make a hat, how much time is required to design a hat and how quick can you get your hat for use.

Custom hat maker

We at Lanesha, we are a hat maker and one of the best online when it comes to custom embroidered hat making with no minimum. We give you the chance to design your hat yourself while we assist you to get the best out of your design.

If what you are looking for is a beautiful top class look and texture; you are in the right place. We do embroidery custom hats  with logo here and that is one of our strengths. Value is another strength that we do not handle carelessly.

Our custom hats can be custom-fit for both corporate workers and casual users. Lanesha makes custom embroidered hats with no minimum.

Why would I buy a custom hat?

Big industrialized companies do not have you at the heart of their production because they produce for a larger audience than you. We help you understand the basics of hat making because we are a  hat maker. You are the creator and customizer of your hat when working with us and that is why you would love the idea of a custom cap.


How do you design a hat?

 How do you make a hat? We at Lanesha are hat maker. Designing or customizing a hat is very simple.

  1. Log on to
  2. Choose between the District Back cap,beanies,baseball cap, Snapbacks,fitted hats,Trucker cap, or the District Distressed Dad Cap.
  3. You can “Browse own design ideas” and create and amazing product for yourself if you prefer something more unique.
  4. Picking a color for your future hat is done here with ease. You are also required to pick your personal size here as well.
  5. Start design.
  6. After number 5, you will be on the design page.
  7. Take your time to customize your own hat and then click on the quote/buy to know how much it will cost you and pay.


What makes your custom hat different here on lanesha?

As mentioned earlier, Lanesah makes custom embroidered caps with no minimum. We do not only make custom caps here on Lanesha, we make it simple for you to design your own hat. You need little to no knowledge of hat design to customize your hat here on Lanesha. Our prices here on Lanesha are fair and cheap and Lanesha does not comprise quality. We feature a wide range of features to pick from when customizing and you are the creator and customizer of your hat when working with us at Lanesha.


How much do I need to make a bespoke hat at Lanesha?

The price tag of everything “custom” depends basically on the customization. If your customization add-ons are light, the cost to you on our site is way below the minimum you get out there. If you have some much customization added to your hat, the cost rises. How much do I need to make a bespoke hat is then answered.


What is the time frame required in designing a hat at Lanesha?

Depending on a lot of factors that include your internet connection and pre-known design, designing a custom cap can take less than 5 minutes. You will require more time in the design on Lanesha website if you have no model prepared for your design.  We still got you covered with our save/load button which allows you to save your design and load it back anytime you get back to the site.

How promptly will I get my custom cap?

After making payments, expect your delivery from us within 2 to 4 days (if you order a few pieces and you live within the United State of America). If you are buying from outside the United States of America, it takes time to get your hat(s) delivered to you because of freighting but it will not take longer than usual. How quickly you get your hats depends for the most part on your location.

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
Fast delivery(2-5 Business Days)