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Creating your kind of T-Shirt

In our capacity, every human wants to be an originator, and who can impede you from creating what you reminiscent? The effort of design requires an enormous deal of artistry and that is why creating your kind of T-shirt is not a thing you should take with levity. At Lanesha, we are driven by the mindset of helping you create your very design of a T-shirt.

The Path to your T-shirt

The path to success, many believe is always rough. At Lanesha, we want to tell you that the path to successfully creating your custom tee does not need to be bumpy if you can trail the crucial rules and guidelines. Lanesha website provides these guidelines because we help people like your scale through the hurdle of creating their custom T-shirts almost every day.


  • Why do I need a custom T-shirt made on lanesha: It is amusing to see a question here right? If you must design a T-shirt, then why do you need it? Because your answer will find a home here on the Lanesha website. 
  • Your mind is your first design processor: If you can conceive the idea, they say, you can bring it to life. It is essential dram the idea of what your own personally finished custom T-shirt will look like in your mind first. Create in your mind fist. Have the idea shaped, baked, and ready in your head. Stuck on level 2? Well, Lanesha has you covered with our over 100 Tee shirt design ideas found at here.
  • Is my design available in the market already: Well, you can call your design a custom design whereas; it is available in the market by Adidas already? These big companies have lots of experts in the field of art and product design that they come up with a lot of design, sometimes coinciding with what you may have baked in your head consciously. If your idea is by now in the world market, will you fancy buying it or changing your idea slightly? Leverage the internet to see what’s selling, Lanesha site will also help you have an idea. Mind you, seeing your idea design on a few shirts does not mean it is in the open market.
  • Start designing by picking out what your T-shirt looks like: Designing yourself or getting the help of a Lanesha professional, you will want to pick the right color for your T-shirt. The variety of colors you pick will eventually be determined by the pedestal color of the T-shirt on which you will print. If you pick the right color, your T-shirt will boom.
  • Pick where your design will appear on the shirt: where will your design be placed on the Tee is another thing that most customers worry about. Some prefer the basic chest side placement while some others love to have it at the back, the arms, and some, lower parts of the shirt. You need to be sure about your decision of placement as you have envisioned in your mind.
  • Express yourself in new ways: Custom T-shirts made on Lanesha come with the advantage of images and or graphics in 2d or 3d.
  • Express yourself without speaking: What about wordings, maxims, proverbs, sayings, adages, music lines, and quotes from great men and women and even from movies you love and so on. Make your cute custom-designed T-shirt on Lanesha better than the ordinary with this.
  • Lanesha takes care of all design problems: How would you feel if you know someone has your back in whatever you want to do? This is exactly what Lanesha is offering you today; an easy to use DYI custom T-shirt designing on Lanesha website. You do not need the heavy knowledge of graphics design, art, programming, and whatever; Lanesha takes care of everything for you. When you think of a custom T-shirt, think Lanesha.
  • Lanesha handles the printing:  Basically, your idea is your idea and no one can take that from you. After conceiving an idea of an ideal custom T-shirt, and going through the stage of checking if it’s already in the market and even designing it on paper or a CAD, you will not want to have your T-shirt created shabbily. If done right, you will come out with a top trending T-shirt that lots of people around the globe will be willing to spend some money to get it. Well, yes you can design with the Lanesha custom-design page but printing can only be handled by a trusted company like Lanesha. We are poised to helping you achieve greatness even with custom T-shirt printing through proper design assistance and coaching. Why wait any longer, get your custom T-shirt designed fast today. makes all of this hassle-free, it is quick, efficient, and cheap and you get quality at the end of production.

Lanesha takes care of your needs from the idea conception phase through the design to printing. Lanesha was created to help you accomplish the best when it comes to custom T-shirt printing. There is not anything else you would need in an appropriate custom T-shirt design and creation hat does not offer. A trial will convince you today, check below Tips and  start to design your own t shirt NOW!


8 Best Tips on How to Create Killer T-Shirt Designs

Let’s face it; gone are the days of old and mundane preprinted  t-shirts. If you are like the best of us, the chances are that you want cheap custom  shirts that marry well with your sense of fashion and style. That’s where online t shirt printing comes in handy.

Trendy, elegant, and budget-friendly – what is not to love about online custom t-shirt printing? At,It is a great way to make your own t shirt with no minimum order, stand out in style, and express your individuality like never before.

True, these cheap custom shirts offer an exciting color palette, and a snuggly, contemporary fit for everyone and every occasion. When all’s said and done, however, the secret to creating amazing custom t shirts boils down to the design.  Remember making your own t shirt is a fantastic way to showcase your creativity.

Wondering how to get started with your t-shirt designs? At, you can make your own t-shirt in a breeze. Our beautiful design templates make it a snap to use your unique designs and order custom t shirt printing in no time! You can also preview it so you can get a feel of your custom tees.

In this post, we have rounded up 8 tried and true tips on how to whip up amazing designs for your custom t shirt printing.

(1) Consider Your Target Audience

This is a crucial step when designing cheap custom shirts. Whether they are for your next corporate event, trade show giveaways, birthday party or your new t-shirt business, the trick is to know your target audience. Are you designing for old or young, casual or formal group? Don’t forget that you are designing t-shirts that you want people to love, cherish, and wear for a long time.

The easiest way to do this is to note down the persona of the end users –who they are, their interests, styles, and so forth. If you know where they shop for tees, you can easily figure out what they like. You can go from there and design something that’ll match their preference and taste in clothing.

(2) Spend More Time on the Concept

This is a no-brainer tip especially if you intend to make mass t shirt printing for your business. Don’t get caught up in the excitement of producing the next big hit design. Instead, take your time to explore every aspect of your design concept. Oftentimes that means you have to come up with lots of variations on the concept. More importantly, don’t hesitate to throw out ideas that seem to be out of place. The more you refine your concept, the more likely your t-shirt design will be eye-catching and on-point.

 (3) Think of the Design As If It’s On an Actual T-Shirt

The truth of the matter is that there’s a big difference between what you see on a computer screen and how it’ll look like on an actual t-shirt. That is why it pays to imagine the design on a t-shirt. In fact, don’t hesitate to mock up your design on a model shirt. If it’s not too much trouble, consider printing it out and placing it on an actual t-shirt. This way, you can view your t-shirt design in real size.

(4) Keep it Simple and Pay Attention to Detail

When it comes to online custom t shirt printing, attention to detail is everything. There’s something of beauty about seeing a well-executed design with fine details on a t-shirt. But, when you make your own t shirt, it is best to keep it simple and easy.

A simple t-shirt design has a classic look, and can convey the message without much hassle. Anything too complicated is a big no-no as far as t shirt printing is concerned.

(5) Leverage the Power of Color Play

Color choice is more important for your t-shirt design than you think. You can use different color pairings and tones to make your t-shirt design stand out and bring out the best of your cheap custom shirts. When coupled with a well-designed artwork, the right color can make a huge difference to the visual aspect of your t-shirt design. So, don’t be afraid to hone up on your color theory, and most crucially use contrasting and complementary hues to take your designs to the next level.

Try awkward colors. Mix and match – you may end up with something fantastic. And when it comes to color palette, your possibilities are limitless. At the end of the day, you might want to use Pantone colors. You see, the beauty of Pantone colors is that what you see on design screen is what you’ll get on the final product.

(6) Stay Ahead of the Curve

The world of t shirt printing is always evolving. New color palettes, new styles, and new ideas come and go. That is why it pays to stay ahead of the game. In other words, get inspiration and design ideas from what is currently hot in t shirt printing. Nonetheless, don’t be a copycat – everybody hates a plagiarist.

The good news is that social sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit offer a fabulous platform to stay on top of the latest trends. Check out what celebs, graphic designers, and t-shirt connoisseurs are churning out behind closed doors.

(7) Keep your T-Shirt Humor Clever and Subtle

Is there anything better than placing a clever joke on your cheap custom shirts? The truth is that t-shirt humor is not for everyone. The last thing you want is for your joke to come across as cheap and blatant. The bottom line is to infuse some subtle humor into your in-your-face and loud t-shirt designs.

(8) Work with a Reliable Printer

If you want to make your own t shirt and ensure the whole process is hassle-free, it is important to work with a reliable printer. Try a top-notch online company like Lanesha to do your t shirt printing. We have what it takes to deliver high-quality, cheap custom shirts that’ll simply knock your socks off.

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