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custom infant jerseys

Custom infant jerseys on minimum

Nothing is more precious than your little bundle of joy. Their sweet smiles and adorable giggles make all the sleepless nights, stinky diapers, and mountains of laundry absolutely worth it.


When you have a baby, you buy lots of things: a sturdy crib, a safe carseat, a diaper bag, and toys galore. All of those items are incredibly important, but so is what your baby has against his or her sensitive skin all day. There's so many baby clothes to choose from that it can be difficult to pick the right brand.


Her at, we make dressing your baby in comfortable, stylish shirts as easy as possible. With our custom jersey builder, you can design your baby's outfit to fit the style of your busy family.


We have tons of colors to choose from. Some of our most popular picks include light gray, lime green, and glowing pink, among lots of others. Any of those colors would look brilliant on your sweet baby!


You can select a range of custom shirts in different colors to make dressing your baby every day of the week a breeze ... even dad can do it! You can select a custom jersey to match the weather outside, as well as the season.


How cute would your baby be dressed in an orange shirt as a pumpkin for Halloween? Or how about in a red jersey with a Santa headband for Christmas? Or in a pretty pastel pink with bunny ears for Easter? Cue the "awww"s from all your family and friends as you bring out your little bundle of joy in a cute shirt.


And don't forget about everyday wear that looks great all year long. You'll never be bored when you open your baby's dresser and see stacks of neatly folded jerseys you designed from


In the case of infant clothing, nothing is more important than comfort. Since your baby can't verbally tell you if a shirt is itchy or uncomfortable, you definitely want to err on the side of caution and only buy the highest quality, softest, most comfortable shirts.


All of our custom jerseys are made with high quality materials that are just as comfortable for playtime as they are for bedtime, and everything in between!


Keeping a little one clean can be difficult. As babies are learning to use their hands and how to put food in their mouths, a lot of messes are created along the way! Luckily, the shirts you design with us are machine-washable and easy to remove stains from.


In your hectic lifestyle with a baby, that will be one less thing you need to worry about. So go ahead, have that spaghetti with tomato sauce for dinner. You know you want to!


What are you waiting for? Order today, and be the builder of your baby's custom wardrobe. He or she won't be able to thank you out loud, but his or her huge grin when you slip on one of our jerseys will say it all.

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