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Custom t-shirts no minimum - Make your own t-shirt cheap online

 The traditional way of producing T-shirt is gradually becoming obsolete in the clothing industry. The trend of today is to create your own Custom T-shirt. Nonetheless, many are still up till today unaware of how available and cheap is this new dress sense which our technology innovative has brought to everyone's doorstep.

  • Make your own T-Shirt

Few decades ago the textile industry brings forth to consumer whatever the idea they can grasp and sell to the consumer in terms of design. However, the story has totally changed, you can now create any kind of idea you can ever form in your deepest mind. Making your own T-Shirt now happens fast with a snap of your finger. In fact, to design your own T-shirt with a creative or dull idea does not matter, rather it depends on the self satisfaction you got from what you desire which is to custom your own T-Shirt. Thus, the fundamental question remains that can a custom T-shirt be economical or cheap compare to industrial traditional way of getting T-Shirt. At, we provide the right answer to the question. We provide you with all in one package of the necessary technical know-how in terms of making your own custom T-shirt. We provide you with a lot of experts, who are at your disposal, and are trained and readily available to do your bidding. Not only that, we try to enhance the knowledge our consumers on the daily update about making your own custom T-shirt.

  • Custom Shirts Cheap

Moving on, today, there is huge popularity in custom T-Shirt among consumers, hence, there is increasing demand for cheap custom t shirts. This factors leads to rise of so many individual and or even groups and companies joining in the business. Nevertheless, it has caused a lot of setback in the reputation the business has harnessed over the years. This can came to be as a result of some factors such as inferior products in the supply market to the costumers. Also, there is the lack of access to the qualified and excellent supplier like, which has contributed to the hike in the price of affordable custom T-Shirt. Relax; you are on the right path, knowing about us guarantees your procuring quality custom T-shirt Cheap. 

  • Custom T-Shirts Cheap

At Lanesha, we provide services to our patronizers by helping them to customize their T-shirt irrespective of the design, either cumbersome or simple, at a very cheap rate. At, you enjoy the benefits of enjoying total package in bringing your imagination to life; you can customize your own T-shirt at mouthwatering rates. This is due to the fact that we have in existence enough versatility of both human resources and expertise in the course of creating custom T-Shirt. At, we have built reputable production efficiency over time; we have a less cumbersome built method to help you achieve your desired taste which is always a top notch custom T-shirt cheaply. This is the reason we get the best feedback from our loyal customers and the more reason you should patronize us now.

  • Why should you patronize from us

We are always available to assist and enlighten you in taking decisions on your deices.  This is outside the fact that when you order your customize T- shirt from us it comes with an unbeatable competitive price. We also provide material information on which you will design. Our delivery service is worldwide and fast enough to avoid any form of worry. You can order lower quantity and you will be surprised with how cheap it costs you when compared to your other experiences. At Lanesha, Your Satisfaction is always our pleasure, when it comes to producing custom t-shirt cheap, we are second to none. 

  • How to customize t-shirt online

There are many vendors online that allow users and customers customize their T-shirt in various ways. While some can stand the quality and proficiency of, most compromise on the quality of the material and users can barely do enough with the online design platform made available. Remember that is second to no other company when it comes to T-shirt customization. Select the material to design on and go ahead and drop your design idea. Experts on are always available to help and guide you all the way to delivery.

  • Quality Custom T-shirt

What you see and choose on our site is what you get. Always remember to point to every time you think quality custom T-shirt. Whatever quality of material you want, think Whatever type of design you have in my, think Whatever your budget for a custom tee shirt, think We do it better and cheaper than anyone online. Do not waste your money and or your time looking elsewhere, is your best bet.

  • Do you have my kind of T-shirt offers a long list of T-shirt variants for customization. There is the Gildan Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt-Adult, the Gildan Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt-Youth, the Bella Ladies Favorite Tee, the Canvas Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt, the Gildan Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt-Adult , the Gildan Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt-Youth , the Canvas Unisex Tank, the Bella Ladies Deep V-Neck , the Gildan Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt-Adult, the Gildan Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt-Youth, the Canvas Unisex T-Shirt-Youth, the Canvas Unisex T-Shirt Adult and a host of others you can choose from. Each comes with different size ranges and colours.



Here Is The Easy Guide on Using Lanesha’ Design Feature


Here at Lanesha we offer our customers with the liberty to express themselves by exploring their creative side using our easy design feature. This design feature is very easy to use and operate that you will definitely have fun creating all the t-shirts that you will ever want and need.


So how to make t shirts online?Below is an easy, step-by-step guide on how to use Lanesha ‘cool design feature.


Step 1: Once you are at, you will want to log in or sign up so you can save your design after you create it. Once logged in, look for the “Play” button on the mid upper part of the screen and click it. This should bring you to lanesha design space. You should be seeing something similar to the image below.


Once you are here, you can familiarize yourself with the basic functions that the Lanesha’ design feature has to offer. For instance, on the left side of the page, you will see buttons for:


“Preview” – allows you to see how your shirt would look like when finished
“Zoom” – allows you to zoom in and out the view
“Duplicate” – allows you duplicate the image or text that you have added on the shirt
“Delete All” – to delete the design elements one go
“Unit” – allows you to change the unit from “centimeter” to “inches” and vice versa
“Design Idea” – allows you to pick premade designs from lanesha design gallery
“Share” – allows you to share your t-shirt design on some social media platforms.

On the right hand side of the design space, you will see options to edit the product, add image and text, save or load your designs, name and number options, as well as price quote or buy options. All of which will be discussed at length below.


Now on to the next step!


Step 2: Now that you have familiarize yourself with the lanesha Design space, you can now start creating and designing. At this point you are ready to design. Go ahead and start by clicking the “Edit Product” button on the right hand side of the design space.


When you click it, you will be presented with options to change size and color, information on the shirt material as well as other product description. If you want to change shirt style, that is also possibly. All you need to do is click the “Change Product” button. When you click this, you will be presented with different shirt styles to choose from.


While lanesha provide a variety of shirt styles to choose from, we have also made it possible for you to categorize options for easy selection. After clicking the “Change Product” button, you page will pop up and different shirt styles will appear on the page. On the upper left hand side of the pop up page, there is a “Categories” drop down for easy sorting.



Step 3: After selecting the right shirt product that you want, you are now ready to add image or text designs on your shirt. (If you want to add text only, skip to Step 5. For name and number design option, skip to Step 7.)


To add an image design on your shirt, click the second button the right that indicates, “Add Image”.






This will show you options to:


“Add Art” – opens lanesha’ clip art design catalog 
“Upload Image” – allows you upload your own images from your computer
“My Image” – allows you to use images or designs that you have already used before
“Hand Painting” – allows you to draw your own image or pattern
“Add QRcode” – allows you to enter a text and create a QRCode.

Step 4: If you have already uploaded an image, selected from the clip art catalog, or picked a design from the “Design Idea” gallery, Lanesha will help you further by allowing you to edit the design.


As soon as you selected or uploaded an image, the “Add Image” button will show you options to adjust the Width, Height, and Opacity of the image. It will also allow you to rotate the image if you need to. This page also allows you to remove colors or backgrounds through its “Clear Color” button. Just hit the said button, select the color that needs to go and then click the “Clear Background” button. Hit “Save” if done.


You can also change the shape of the image by hitting the “Shape” button. This button allows you to select from various shapes uploaded in Lanesha design space. Currently, there are 13 shape options to select from.


If you feeling like cropping your image, that is also possible with the “Crop Image” feature.


Step 5: If the image design has already been added or if you do not wish to add an image at all, you can proceed to adding text/s on your shirt. To do this, just click the “Add Text” option on the right hand side of the screen.


This step is very easy, just type the text that you like, change colors if needed, and click “Add Text”.

 Once you have added your text, you will see something similar to the image below.


At this point, you will be able to select font, color, italics / bold / underline formatting, alignment, width, height, border, rotation, arc, spacing, and opacity. You will also be able to mirror the text horizontally or vertically as well as move it where you like.



Text pattern can also be modified on this page if you like to add more vibrancy and life to the text.




Step 6: If you have added both text and image or have simply added multiples of the two, your image/text will be layered. You will be able to manage this by moving them to spots that you like or removing them. The Lanesha design space also gives a warning if the design you have come up with is outside the printing area. The warning message would be similar to the image below.


If this happens, simple manage your layers by moving the images or texts in the acceptable printing area or inside the broken line of the rectangular box on the shirt.




Step 7: This step is optional and dedicated for those who are particular in making collegiate, school, or sports shirts that require a name and number format. If you need to work on this, just click the option for “Name & No.” See image below.


Once you are here, you can add Name as well as Number on the shirt. You can even select where the name and number will go on the shirt. It can go on the back or the front side. You can also adjust the height of the name and number. The color and font can also be adjusted here.


If you are making multiple shirts (for instance for your team), you can use the option below the Name & Number page. This will open a pop up that will allow you to enter multiple names, numbers, and sizes for each of your team mates. Just click the “Add Team Member” link at the bottom of the pop up to add more members. This will allow you to get accurate pricing quotation later.



Step 8: When done, you can then save your image. In this, you will be required to log in to your Lanesha account so that your design can be saved there. You can go back to the design in the future if it needs further modification.



If you choose to save your image, you will be asked to name your design as well as put any description to it, so you can easily get back to the design should you have many stored on your account.


Step 9:Finally, you are now ready to check the price quote for your creation. To check this, just click the “Quote/Buy” option. This is also the place to go, if you are decided to having the design printed and delivered to your home.


Once you click it, you will be presented with the printing options. It will also show you what printing method is going to be used. You will also see the summary of the different sizes that you ordered, the price for each shirt, as well as the total cost.


If this info is all good, you can add to cart and then proceed to payment and shipping details. 

And, that is it! You are all good to go and all you need to do now, is wait for your shirt to arrive! So what are you waiting for? Go and start creating - make your own shirt now!

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Free Shipping In USA
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