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custom toddler jerseys

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Our little angels sure are sweet, aren't they? Well, actually .... sometimes the "terrible twos" definitely take their toll, on kids and parents alike! No matter how naughty they might be, there's nothing that a silly grin and chubby little hand grabbing ours can't fix.


Here at, we know how much you love your toddler. That's why we offer custom toddler jerseys that you can design yourself to suit your precious little munchkin. As the creator, you can choose the colors, size, and style that will look the best on your toddler.


Some of the most popular designs include football-style jerseys, complete with white lines striping across the capped sleeves, and pretty pink masterpieces for your little princess.


In addition to being super stinking cute, our custom jerseys are durable and machine-washable. We know that being a parent can be exhausting. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not that spaghetti sauce stain is going to come out of your little one's shirt.


In any case, maybe it would be smart to choose darker colors when you're designing your shirt! Just a thought, from one parent to another!


Luckily, you aren't short on choices here at You can truly outfit your toddler in any color of the rainbow.


Do you have a favorite sports team? Do you want to make sure your little one starts off on the right foot and grows up to be just as devoted of a fan as you are? Then look no further - design a jersey in your team's colors!


Do you and your partner have a favorite color that's difficult to find in stores? Come check our options - that's a great chance we have that exact color listed as one of your choices when you're the creator!


Are you looking for a cute Halloween costume for your little monster - er, pumpkin? Try a simple green, orange, or purple design that you can dress up in hundreds of ways and turn into thousands of unique, no-fuss Halloween costumes!


If you're a candy fanatic, M&Ms are a super easy costume. All you need is one of our custom jerseys in any color, plus a cut-out white "M." Boom - you're ready to hit the streets and get some treats! (For your child, of course. You would never snack on any of little Jimmy's candy ....)


Not only are our designs perfect for special occasions like Halloween, they're also perfect for everyday wear. Each jersey is made with high-quality materials to provide your little one with unparalleled comfort.


The last thing your toddler needs is an itchy, uncomfortable outfit when all he or she wants to do is have fun and play. That's why our stretchy, soft jerseys are the ultimate choice.


What are you waiting for? Start browsing all your custom options for building a jersey today and make your own design! Once you order one, we promise you'll be hooked. Luckily, our repertoire features enough colors that you and your little one will never be bored when it comes to picking out what to wear.


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