Have you ever come across a beautiful tie dye hoodie and wondered how someone could create his or her own custom tie dye hoodies? Tie-dye hoodies are fantastic for all seasons and for all occasions. You will always look great in your tie-dye hoodie and people around you will be asking where you got the hoodie from. You can make your own custom tie dye hoodie using the following steps:

Step 1

Tighten the strings of the hoodie in such a way that they are as close to the eyelets as possible. This is for the hoodies that have strings either at the bottom part of the hood or around the hood itself. Turn the hoodie inside out and then straighten it on a flat surface. Ensure that the sleeves and the hood lay against the surface as well.

Step 2

Place a fork at the center of the hoodie and twirl it firmly as if you are twirling spaghetti. Ensure that it forms a tight circle. Make sure that the hood and the sleeves are included as well.

Step 3

After twirling the hoodie, use strong rubber bands to tie and secure the hoodie. This will prevent the hoodie from spiraling back to its normal form. Place the rubber bands across the hoodie as many times as possible. It is important to point out that the more rubber bands you use to tie the hoodie; the more lines you will have as finished product.

Step 4

Protect your hands by wearing gloves. Using a squirt bottle, soak your hoodie with your favorite colors in random areas. You can also use specified patterns to make the hoodie look more beautiful. For the rainbow effect, you can use various colors. To avoid messing the floor, you can place a basin on the floor as you tie-dye your hoodie. Remember to turn the shirt over to apply the colors to both sides.

Step 5

Once you have completed applying the colors, carefully remove the rubber bands. You should remove the rubber bands after the hoodie has stopped dripping. This will help in maintaining the patterns created.

Step 6

Now place the hoodie in a sealed bag preferably a plastic bag for at least 24 hours. Wash the hoodie in cold water to enable keep the colors from fading. Dry the hoodie under a shade until dry. Do not expose the hoodie to direct sunlight as this will weaken the dye.

You can create your own hoodie using the above steps. However, if you do not have adequate time and the necessary material to do the job, you can simply check out lanesah.com, select your favorite hoodies from our huge collection of beautiful cheap tie dye hoodies and place an order.