Are you considering starting a business that designs hoodies for your clients? If that’s the case, you would need various tools to make your task easier. One such tool is Lanesha, which is an app for designing hoodies. The app is easier to use than you would ever imagine. You can use this app to design some of the best hoodies in the market. Your hoodies will always stand out.

Below is a guide to help you design the best hoodies in the market.

The app has an incredibly easy to understand user interface. Find the icon (eye) for previewing your designs. The preview icon is just under the LANESHA.COM logo, which is in blue and on the left side of the UI. You can also zoom your designs. Feel free to use the “duplicate” icon too. You can also delete the designs you are unhappy with.

The app allows you to share your designs on your social media accounts too.

What about the actual designing?

The design you’re currently performing will always appear right at the center. On the right side is a collection of several tasks you can perform while designing the hoodies. For example, you can start by choosing the appropriate color (based on what your customers want) right under “Edit Product.”

After editing the product, you get the chance to add an image. Here, your options include:

  1. Choosing from the pre-installed Add Art, which is Lanesha’s clipart
  2. Upload image from your computer, camera or smartphone
  3. My Image, which refers to other images you previously uploaded
  4. Hand Painting, which allows you to draw whatever you want
  5. Add QRcode


Set the image’s measurements to your liking.

Next, you have the option of using the “Add Text” button. Click that button and type whatever text you wish to see on the hoodie. Choose a color for your text too.

Once you’re through with that, move to the button marked “Save/Load.” Here, you will need to Login or Sign Up if you hadn’t opened your account yet. Choose your design and click save.

The next step is to assign your design a “Name and Number”. Fill in the details appearing under this button. Once you are through with everything, you can now proceed to the “Quote/Buy” button.

Here, you can get a quote for the design you just selected or pay for it right away if you’re ready with the money.

What is more, Lanesha offers you a few design ideas if you lack any of your own!

Start using the app today to design incredibly beautiful hoodies -  make your own hoodie now.