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custom travel bags with logo

Custom travel bags with logo

What is your Travel Bag say about you?

They say image is everything. Many fellow travelers can tell a lot by the bag you are carrying. It shows your personality. Is it plain and in dull colors? Maybe you are one of those people who are quiet and do not like the spotlight. Does your bag have bright colors and patterns? Maybe you are outgoing and like getting noticed. Sometimes you just want a bag with your favorite colors and a witty slogan or picture. You will not always get what you wish for in the local retail store or even online stores. This is where travel customizing comes in to give exactly what you need in a travel bag.

Custom travel bags

It is possible to make your bag into exactly what you want with a customizing service like It is pretty easy too; you can do it in less than 15 minutes. The results are very impressive as you have complete control over the design.

What can you customize?

  • Images – You can upload your favorite graphic; family photo, company logo, and even handwritten graffiti or choose from hundreds of clip arts. You can go techy and print a QR code on your bag with your contact info in case you misplace it.
  • Add text – What is your company’s motto? You can have it on your bag as a way of brand awareness as well. You can have text in different fonts on the front and back of the bag. The good thing is that you can insert different texts for several bags if you are customizing bags for a company outing or family holiday.

Custom travel bag prices

Surprisingly, a custom travel bag will cost you almost the same as a store-bought bag. This is because custom bag services have used technology for efficiency and affordability. The price quote you get will vary slightly depending on the level of customizing you want. You can also bargain for a discount if you are customizing several bags.

You do not have to be a graphic designer to come up with a beautiful custom travel bag that meets your taste.  The fancy tech behind the website will translate your wishes onto the bag. If you are looking for a travel bag that turns heads, making a custom one is your best bet. You can also make one as a gift. Try designing a custom bag today and see what beautiful designs you can make.

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Free Shipping In USA
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