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Custom shopping bags with logo for business

Custom shopping bags with logo for business

A reusable shopping bag is one of the easiest ways to go green. You can kiss goodbye to disposable plastic bags and show off your style at the same time with one (or ten!) of our custom totes.


Our personalized shopping bags are the ultimate in style and functionality. Make your trips to the supermarket easier and more environmentally friendly by stashing a couple in your car (or in the basket on your bicycle, if you're really going green)!


These bags would also be perfect for a day at the beach - their sturdy construction can stand up to wind, waves, and sand without a problem.


If you're a small business owner, what better way to promote sustainability than having a stack of these personalized bags, featuring your logo, beside the register? Customers will be raving about the unique design and will have a surefire way to remember your business every time they grab their bag.


Whether you're an individual or a business, keep on reading to learn more about the awesome features our personalized bags offer, plus the myriad ways you can customize them!




Our custom totes are nothing compared to the flimsy paper and wasteful plastic options available in most checkout lines. Our bags are constructed from strong, woven polyester. Go ahead and load 'em up with all the canned goods your heart desires - we promise there won't be a rip or tear in sight!


The zippered opening ensures your purchases will stay safe. The last thing you want to hear while driving is your grocery bag falling over with a "thump" and sending your items rolling around in the trunk.


Another convenient feature is the front pocket, which is the perfect place to stash your keys, wallet, or cell phone as you complete your errands. Never again will you have to fumble at the checkout to find your credit card!


The bag dimensions ensure there is plenty of room to comfortably fit all your purchases. Our totes measure in at 15.75 inches high, 15.5 inches wide, and 7.25 inches deep. We know you love to carry all your groceries inside in one trip, and this roomy bag makes it so much easier to accomplish that task!




We offer tons of vibrant colors to choose from as you design your personalized shopping bag. The two-tone construction allows you to pick two gorgeous colors. A fan favorite is the black and gold combination, but you have a whole rainbow at your fingertips.


For more low-key shoppers, tan and brown bags are available. If you're spunky and enjoy making a statement, there's plenty of bold and playful shades, too!


You can customize your own bag with lovely embroidery above the front pocket. A few options include a quote, name, simple image, or logo.


These are the perfect custom bags for businesses. No matter what you sell, your customers are going to need a stylish way to transport it home (unless you're in the refrigerator business or something). Our custom totes are an awesome way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability while also giving customers a way to remember your brand.

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