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custom heat changing mugs

Custom heat changing mugs - mugs that change with heat

There's no better way to start your day than wrapping your hands around a warm mug of tea or coffee. Feeling the heat seep into your skin while the fragrant steam rushes toward your nose is pure bliss, and that's even before the caffeine hits! The best way to enjoy your hot beverage of choice is in a custom color changing mug.

Color Changing Magic

Our custom heat sensitive mugs boast a different look depending on if the temperature is hot or cold. Each mug has a plain appearance when sitting in your cabinet, but as soon as a hot liquid is poured in, your custom design is revealed. With this color changing magic, your mug can undergo the same dramatic transformation that you do when you take your first sip of coffee!


Our mugs are crafted from high-quality ceramic that will stand up to the test of time. Their sturdy construction ensures that you'll be happily sipping for years to come. The large handle allows for a secure and comfy grip, plus plenty of room to fully wrap your hands around the mug and enjoy the warmth. Our mugs are also microwave safe, so we won't judge if you indulge in one of those Pinterest worthy mug brownies. Do be sure to wash your mug by hand, though, as they aren't dishwasher safe.

A Size For Every Thirst

Our custom color changing mugs come in two convenient sizes: 11 ounces and 15 ounces. The 11 ounce option is perfect for those with smaller hands. The 15 ounce option is great for those who are serious coffee drinkers - you know who you are. Of course, refills are always in style, no matter which size you choose.


There are as many ways to customize your color changing mug as there are to customize your Starbucks drink order. (Grande, iced, sugar-free vanilla latte with soy milk, anyone?) The options are just as endless here at And, we dare say, a wiser investment, since our unique mugs will last much longer than a single Starbucks order.

You can begin the design process by choosing a color for your mug. There are classic options like black and white, as well as flashier colors like Kelly green, royal blue, and athletic gold. Name a color of the rainbow and you can probably choose it for your mug. The color you select will be how your mug appears at room temperature.

The real magic happens when you choose what your secret design will be. This is what will be revealed when hot water, hot tea, or hot coffee is poured into the mug. Photographs, logos, quotes, and any other image are all fair game. If you prefer simplicity, you could also choose to simply have a different color revealed upon the addition of heat.

Using a personal photograph in the design makes for a sweet surprise every time you fill your magic mug. This would also be a perfect gift idea for a friend, family member, or loved one. Start browsing all our customization options and begin designing your custom heat sensitive mug today.

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